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A smart, easy way to earn free gaming E-gift cards without going out of your way. No surveys.

Real gift cards directly from Steam, PSN, iTunes, Nintendo eShop, Roblox and all the other gaming companies.


When you shop through GamerChange at participating merchants, they pay us commission. We use it to email digital gift cards to you.


As a result, you don't have to think twice about buying games or making in-game purchases.

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How It Works



Log in at GamerChange to browse participating brands and retailers. Click on the one where you want to shop and we'll redirect you to their site.



Shop there like you normally do and we will match a percentage of every dollar you spend with Free Gaming Money.



Redeem your Free Gaming Money for digital gift cards from the gaming platforms of your choice.



We email the gift cards to you. The gift card is as good as cold, hard cash, so start gaming!

This short video explains it all:

30+ digital gaming gift cards available to redeem
All your favorite gaming platforms

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About GamerChange

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    GamerChange is the premier online shopping rewards program for gamers to earn free gaming E-gift cards by shopping online.

    Instantly delivered via email.

    GamerChange is the most convenient way to earn free Steam cards online, free PSN cards, free iTunes cards, free Xbox cards, free WoW Game Time cards & more!

    It's affiliate marketing at its finest.

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